Lydia* was only twelve-years old when the gangsters told her the rule: They would sell her for sex to men outside the gang, but members of the gang could use her body for free. For two years, she was taken to abandoned garages, mens bathrooms, apartments and hotels, enduring hours of abuse with multiple men so gang members could get money.

Across the world and in the streets of your own town, human traffickers, gang members, exploiters and oppressors are generating more than 30 billion dollars of profit annually by selling men, women and children, just like Lydia, into sexual bondage and slavery. More children, women and men are victims of modern-day slavery today than at any other point in history. Global Centurion Foundations (GCF) work to prevent modern day slavery is needed now more than ever.

What makes us different from other anti-trafficking organizations? Our approach. Human trafficking and modern-day slavery operates under a well-established business model: supply (the victims), distribution (the traffickers), and demand (the customers).

While there are many organizations that focus on supply (rescue and restoration for trafficking victims), and many focusing on the traffickers (arrest, prosecution, conviction), GCF uniquely targets the demand side of the equationthe perpetrators, exploiters, buyers and end-users of human beings, seeking to prevent modern-day slavery at its source. These are the people who fuel the market for modern-day slavery.

Since 2008, GC has employed a unique, three-pronged, preventative approach to combat demand by: (1) Developing demand-reduction research and programs; (2) Providing innovative education, awareness and advocacy training to communities, civic leaders, NGOs, law enforcement and at-risk populations; and, (3) Establishing partnership and collaborative networks to address human trafficking.

Through the generous donations of activists, freedom fighters and concerned men and women just like you, much progress has been made over the past twelve months:

  • Educational Curriculum. We have developed an educational curriculum that will help middle school and high school children understand that women and young girls are not commodities for sale. We are identifying schools and communities to pilot the program with in 2013.
  • Haiti and Human Trafficking. Following the earthquake in Haiti, we partnered with over a dozen NGOs to form the Haiti and Human Trafficking Coalition, and we spearheaded anti-human trafficking grassroots social marketing and education campaigns that reached nearly one million Haitians.
  • Street Gangs and Human Trafficking. GCF uncovered over two hundred cases in which street gangs were involved in sex trafficking. We analyzed the case law for patterns, and used this data to draw up a set of recommendations for federal, state and local leaders. These recommendations influenced members of Congress, and local lawmakers, resulting in new laws to address street gang sex trafficking.
  • Stop Sex Slavery (Triple S) Network. GC created a network of 85 survivor-centered service providers and anti-trafficking advocacy organizations across the United States, which gives us unparalleled access to basic information about health, human services, and other needs of survivors across the U.S. and around the world.
  • International Case Law Database. Our anchor research project is collecting case law from 10,000 foreign national cases to create a searchable, longitudinal database of all forms of human trafficking to help inform prevention-focused policy..

Over the next twelve months, we seek to greatly expand these efforts, but we need your support! Will you join with us at this critical time in our organizations history to continue our efforts to fight modern day slavery by focusing on demand? Your tax-deductible gift of any amount will directly support GCs demand-focused initiatives worldwide.

Thank you for standing with us in the fight against modern slavery!


Laura J. Lederer

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