Demand Reduction Program

2010_0825_child_trafficking_mHuman trafficking, like drug trafficking, involves a triangle of activity: supply, demand, and distribution. Since the passage of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act in 2000, the focus has been on the rescue, rehabilitation, and restoration of victims. In the last ten years, hundreds of anti-trafficking organizations have formed to build shelters and provide services to victims of sex trafficking. Hundreds more are focused on education and awareness-raising about human trafficking. While these efforts are important, it is also important to target the demand side of the equation.

Why is the focus on demand essential? Just as in any other market, basic economic principles are at work. Supply is a result of demand: when demand goes up, supply grows to meet the demand. Conversely, if demand goes down, so too will the supply.

As long as people can buy and sexually exploit children, there will continue to be a market for them. For this reason, Global Centurion designs educational programs, presentations and risk-prevention consulting that addresses the demand side of sex slavery. By educating community members, law enforcement, corporate executives and key leaders regarding demand, awareness and prevention, Global Centurion can help communities target demand. In addition, by creating front-end programs that are designed to reach young men and boys before they become part of the sex industry, and by targeting the back-end of demand predators and exploiters for arrest, prosecution, and successful conviction, Global Centurion will help to eliminate the demand fueling this heinous crime.