Across the world and in the streets of your own town, human traffickers, gang members, exploiters and oppressors are generating more than 30 billion dollars of profit annually by selling men, women and children into sexual bondage and slavery. More children, women and men are victims of modern-day slavery today than at any other point in history.

Modern slavery operates under a well-established business model: supply (the victims), distribution (the traffickers), and demand (the customers). While there are many organizations that focus on supply (public awareness), distribution and victim services, GC uniquely targets the demand side of the equationthe perpetrators, exploiters, buyers and end-users of human beings, seeking to prevent modern-day slavery at its source.

Since 2008, GC has employed a unique, three-pronged, preventative approach to combat demand by:(1) Developing demand-reduction research and programs; (2) Providing innovative education, awareness and advocacy training to communities, civic leaders, NGOs, law enforcement and at-risk populations; and, (3) Establishing partnership and collaborative networks to address modern slavery.

Establishing Partnerships & Collaborative Networks to Address Modern Slavery

Stop Sex Slavery (“Triple S”) Network

Global Centurion created a network of 85 survivor-centered service providers and anti-trafficking advocacy organizations across the United States. This network gives us unparalleled access to basic information about health, human services, and other needs of survivors across the U.S. and around the world. In addition, it provides a communication vehicle to bring the anti-trafficking community together when necessary to create action around a particular program or project. For example, last year, Craigslist came under scrutiny after a dozen cases of on-line child trafficking were uncovered on Craigslist. One of the largest organizations in the country, Polaris Project, sent out a petition calling on Craigslist to cease its erotic services ads. Polaris had three organization signatories until it contacted Global Centurion. We sent the petition around to Triple S Network members and within a week over 100 organizations had signed the petition which was then presented to Congress. Read More >>

Haiti & Human Trafficking Coalition

Following the earthquake in Haiti (January 12, 2010) Global Centurion brought a dozen NGOs together in partnership to form the Haiti and Human Trafficking Coalition (HHTC). The Coalition designed projects to raise awareness about the ways in which vulnerabilities following a natural disaster can lead to human trafficking. Global Centurion spear-headed these low-tech, grass-roots social marketing and education campaign. The campaign is designed to reach Haitians by distributing deliverables with messaging on them. Phase I of the campaign included distributing approximately one million food packets with anti-trafficking messages, as well as creating and playing a series of Creole anti-trafficking jingles on popular radio stations in Haiti. Read More >>