HAITI UPDATE: CTIP – Messages to Haitians on their Rights

February 12, 2010Comments are closed.

Our work with the Salvation Army, and others, in Combatting the Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) in Haiti is well underway. In our efforts to raise the awareness of the Haitian people on the perils of human trafficking and their rights, messaging campaigns (both Creole & English), such as the following food label project, are being employed:


PA?SON pa kapab fA?se w pou travay oswa fA? sA?ks.

  1. FA? atansyon sou moun k ap ofri w travay nan yon peyi etranje.
  2. FA? atansyon sou moun k ap ofri w lajan, manje, shA?ltA?, oswa dwA?g an echanj pou sA?ks.
  3. Konnen tout kote pitit ou ye.
  4. Konnen avA?k kimoun piti ou ye.
  5. FA? atansyon pou voye piti ou ale. Asire w yo ale avA?k yon fanm oswa zanmi ou fA? ANPIL konfyans.
  6. I yon moun ap menase w oswa ak chA?che kontwole w ale jwenn A?d nan men Sant KonfA? Salvation Army ki pi pre w la.
  7. Tanpri di tout fanmi w, zanmi w, ak vwazen w yo sou danje sa yo.


NO ONE can force you to work or have sex.

  1. Beware of people offering jobs in foreign countries.
  2. Beware of people offering money, food, shelter, or drugs in exchange for sex.
  3. Know where your children are.
  4. Know who your children are with.
  5. Be cautious of sending your children away. Be sure a VERY trusted relative or friend goes with them.
  6. If you are threatened or being controlled seek help.
  7. Please tell your family, friends, and neighbors about the dangers.