Global Centurion: June Newsletter

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Do You Know the Next Norma Hotaling Award Recipient?

A�Norma Hotaling (1951-2008), founder of SAGE, transcended homelessness, A�addiction and prostitution to transform her suffering into opportunity and hope for A�others. A�Trafficked into prostitution as a child, she remained trapped in the sex A�industry for eighteen years. By sheer personal will, she overcame the vicious cycle A�of violence, abuse, and exploitation.

Determined to create exit strategies for others like her, she spent the next eighteen A�years of her life creating a safe haven for victims of prostitution and sex trafficking. A�She also called attention to inequities in the criminal justice system and focused on A�the demand side of sex trafficking by developing new programs and policies for men A�and boys.

To commemorate the anniversary of her passing on December 17th 2008, we offer A�three awards paying tribute to Normaa��s legacy and recognizing individuals A�continuing her lifea��s work. To find our more about these awards and to nominate a A�potential 2013 NHA recipient,A�please visit our site here.A� Together we can celebrate A�Norma and honor those who are carrying on her vision.


Global Centurion Foundation Honored as Capital City Ball Beneficiary

A�For the second year in a row, Global Centurion Foundation has A�been selected as one of three charities to be honored at A�Washington D.C.a��s premier anti-trafficking gala, the Capital City A�Ball.A� The concept for the Capital City Ball was created in A�September 2007 by a group of DC area professionals who saw A�an opportunity to create a high caliber, annual black tie party A�held the weekend before Thanksgiving.

The goals of the Capital City Ball are simple: host a top notch party, make sure the guests have a good time, and raise money and awareness for leading anti-trafficking organizations.

This is a fantastic event, and we hope you will visit theA�Capital City Ball websiteA�to learn more orA�contact usA�if you would like to donate an auction item, sponsor a table or become a supporter on behalf of Global Centurion Foundation.A� Stay tuned for more information about this event!

New Campaign Targets Demand

A�Earlier this year, Free the Captives launched a new a�?Reducing A�the Demanda�? marketing campaign, targeting the Johns by A�unveiling aA�commercialA�that will air on television this summer. A�In this commercial, Sheriff Garcia makes it clear that men who A�purchase women and girls will no longer be tolerated in Harris A�County. Besides television, the marketing campaign includes A�radio PSAs and billboards, which highlight that when you buy A�sex you are fueling human trafficking. You can help learn more A�about sponsoring one of Free the Captivesa�� demand-focused A�anti-trafficking billboardsA�here.


2013 Trafficking In Persons Report Released

A�Earlier this month, the United States Department of State released the 2013 Trafficking in A�Persons (TIP) Report, one of our governmenta��s principal diplomatic tools used to engage A�foreign governments on human trafficking.A� The 2013 TIP Report follows the tradition of the A�past decade of reports, placing countries into one of three tiers based on the extent of their A�governmenta��s efforts to comply with the minimum standards for eliminating human trafficking, A�found in Section 108 of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.A� The report represents an A�updated, global snapshot of the nature and scope of trafficking in persons and the wide variety A�of government and non-government actions available to reduce human trafficking A�worldwide.A�A�Visit the State Departmenta��s Trafficking in Persons Office to read more about this A�important resource.