Global Centurion: January Newsletter

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Global Centurion Foundation in the News

Earlier this month, Global Centurion Foundation President and Founder, Laura J. Lederer made a keynote presentation to open a Training Conference on Human Trafficking hosted by the U.S. Attorneys Office. The conference was to prepare the New Orleans community for the Super Bowl.

The Clarion Herald interviewed Lederer about targeting demand at the upcoming Super Bowl. We want to help people understand there is a problem in the United States, Lederer said. We have a homegrown sex trafficking problem here.Read the full article here >>

For the past several years, Global Centurion has created a set of maps identifying major hubs of demand for sex trafficking, highlighting the fact that major sporting events like the Super Bowl are a major draw for trafficking in persons. Read more >>

Street Gangs & Human Trafficking: Establishing the Link

gang - ms13In a recent case in Virginia, Underground Gangster Crips (UGC) associate, Christopher Sylvia, was sentenced to 120 months in prison for his role as a bodyguard and driver for a gang-related prostitution business that recruited, exploited and trafficked underage high school girls.

GCF has worked to uncover over two hundred cases in which gang members have been involved in human trafficking,analyzed the case law for patterns, and drew up a set of policy recommendations for government officials, policy-makers, community leaders and educators. The work influenced members of Congress, as well as state and legislators, resulting in new laws addressing the link between street gangs and sex trafficking.

GCF President Laura J. Lederers preeminent work on the subject was recently published in the Protection Projects Journal of Human Rights and Civil Society:Sold for Sex: The Link between Street Gangs and Trafficking in Persons, which you can readhere >>

Meet the 2012 Norma Hotaling Award Recipients

Last month, GCF was pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Norma Hotaling Awards, which include: Tina Frundt of Courtneys House; Kylla Leeburg, Kendis Paris and Lyn Thompson of Truckers Against Trafficking; and, Kathryn Xian of the Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery. We hope that you will take a few moments to get to know the recipients and to read about their tremendous work to combat modern slaveryhere >>

GCF is also already gearing up for the 2013 Norma Hotaling Awards. To support the 2013 awards or to apply to be a 2013 NHA recipient, please visit our sitehere >>



Ongoing Efforts to Combat Modern Slavery by Focusing on Demand

T_SHIRT_Front_Designs1a36af3d31f1e564a3With your generous support, Global Centurion has made significant strides in our efforts to fight modern slavery by fosucing on demand. We have developed a Demand Reduction Educational Curriculum for middle- and high-school aged children.

We continue to work with community leaders in Haiti to address post-earthquake human trafficking, now entering Phase III of our Social Marketing Campaign. We were the first to study the link between street gangs and human trafficking and to create a set of recommendations to address it. We continue our research regarding global trends, case law and policy changes to help develop effective demand-reduction responses. I hope you will take a few moments to read more about our workhere >>

Upcoming Events

Global Centurion Foundation President and Founder Laura J. Lederer will be speaking at a number of upcoming events focused on global anti-trafficking efforts. To read about or register for these events, please visit our calendarhere >>



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Over the next twelve months, GCF seeks to greatly expand our efforts to fight modern day slavery by focusing on demand. Your tax-deductible gift of any amount will directly support GCs demand-focused initiatives worldwide. Give Today >>