Global Centurion: February Newsletter

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Letter From the President

Earlier this month, I joined law enforcement personnel, community leaders, artists, social workers, healthcare practitioners and other anti-trafficking activists atThe Response: 2013 Courage Worldwide Summit on Trafficking in Persons. The event focused in large part on professionals who work with or desire to work with victims of sex trafficking. There were many extremely valuable presentations that highlighted best practices for victim rescue and restoration, but my presentation focused on demand reduction programs to eradicate sex trafficking.

It’s our belief at Global Centurion Foundation (GCF) that we need a multi-pronged approach to effectively combat trafficking in persons. We must focus beyond brothel raids, survivor rehabilitation and survivor work placement; we must also get ahead of the issue.

At GCF, we focus on the demand-side of the equation–the perpetrators, exploiters, buyers and end-users of human beings who fuel the market for commercial sex and forced labor. In this way, we seek to prevent modern slavery at it’s source. To read more about our work to eradicate modern slavery by focusing on demand,check out our 2011/2012 Years in Review here >>

Laura J. Lederer, J.D.
Founder & President

GCF Survivor Health Survey

GCF developed a simple health questionnaire for trafficking survivors, which demonstrates the short-and long-term health consequences associated with human trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, prostitution and related activities. To date, GCF has taken the health questionnaire and associated focus group to eight cities in the U.S., collecting the information and stories of over 100 victims. Survivors and groups across the country want to participate in this project.

The information will be help make the harms of sex trafficking visible as well as assist government officials, policy makers, healthcare workers and the general public to better understand the problem of human trafficking. Additionally, the survey will insure that effective policies and programs are in place to prevent human trafficking and assist and rescue current trafficking victims.Read more about GCF’s Survivor Health Survey here >>

2013 Norma Hotaling Award

Last month, GCF was pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Norma Hotaling Awards, each of whom you can read about herehere >>

Earlier this month, GCF began gearing up for the 2013 Norma Hotaling Awards. Three years ago, Global Centurion Foundation established the Norma Hotaling Anti-Trafficking Awards, named in honor of Norma Hotaling, a survivor of sex trafficking and an inspiration to all who are working to stop the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children.

Each year, GCF has recognized individuals and organizations in three areas of anti-trafficking work: 1) survivor centered service providers; 2) innovative work to curb demand, and 3) policy work addressing systemic change. In this way we hope to honor and remember Norma, and, at the same time, support and recognize the work of abolitionists here in the U.S. and Canada who are carrying on her vision. We are proud that these funds have been raised from individuals, advocates and organizations across the United States. We hope you will consider supporting these awards or applying/nominating an anti-trafficking leader yourselfhere >>

Upcoming Events



Global Centurion Foundation President and Founder Laura J. Lederer will be speaking at a number of upcoming events focused on global anti-trafficking efforts includingVanguard University’s Ensure Justice Conference. To read about or register for these events, please visit our calendarhere >>



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