Free the Captives Launches New Marketing Campaign: Vote for Your Favorite Billboard by March 22nd!

March 18, 2013No Comments

Free the Captives launched its new “Reducing the Demand” marketing campaign, targeting the Johns by unveiling a commercial that will air on television this spring and summer. In this commercial, Sheriff Garcia makes it clear that men who purchase women and girls will no longer be tolerated in Harris County. Besides television, this marketing campaign will also include radio PSAs and billboards. You can help with this campaign by sharing the commercial on Facebook and Twitter and voting on their site by March 22nd for your favorite billboard design.


DESIGN #1 – “Arrested” by Rebecca Allen:


DESIGN #2 – “Hands” by Jesse Bond:


DESIGN #3 – “Clouds” by Kara Pokorny:


DESIGN #4 – “Jail” by Adam Acevedo: