Haiti and Human Trafficking

The earthquake in Haiti has created a state of emergency. The crisis is of epic proportions, and disaster relief teams are struggling to rescue Haitians and provide food, clothing, shelter, medical assistance, and other emergency relief. Over the next weeks this work will continue, but a secondary phenomenon is already developing: hundreds of thousands of Haitians have been displaced from their homes. Many are wandering in the streets, afraid to go inside for fear of aftershocks. Thousands are migrating in search of food, clothing, shelter and medical services. From previous experience, we know that natural disasters present dangerous secondary circumstances which may, if not addressed on the front end, result in human trafficking.Please, help Global Centurion and its partner organizations in adverting an additional catastrophe and donate now.

Norma Hotaling Awards


From the desk of Laura Lederer:Dear Friend: I am writing to you to ask for your help in establishing The Norma Hotaling Anti-Trafficking Awards, so named to honor her two decades of work to abolish sex trafficking. It has been a year since Norma Hotaling passed away. For those who knew her well, as I did, Norma was a light and a leader who emerged from the darkest of places child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and drug addiction to become an inspiration to all who work to stop commercial sexual exploitation of women and children…

End Demand Programs

Addressing the demand side of human trafficking is an essential component to realizing real and lasting reductions to human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. Just as in any other market, basic economic principles are at work in the market for slaves. Supply is a result of demand: when demand goes up, supply grows to meet the demand. Conversely, if demand goes down, so too will the supply. As long as people can buy and sexually exploit children, there will continue to be a market for them. Please support Global Centurion in its demand centered approach to eradicating human trafficking (Photo courtesy of Kay Chernish for the US State Department).[Read More]

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End Demand Programs