The Pregnancy Continuum:  Gynecological, Reproductive, and Procreative Issues in Human Trafficking

May 30, 2023Comments are closed.

by Laura Lederer, Theresa Flores, and McKamie Chandler

Many recent studies have helped us understand the health impacts of human trafficking.  But there is little research on the reproductive, gynecological, and procreative health issues of victims and survivors. This  pilot survivor survey focused on survivors’ sexual and reproductive health, including pregnancy, miscarriaage, infertility, abortion, childbirth including prenatal, neonatal and postnatal healthcare for mother and child, as well as other issues related to health in and around pregnancy. The retrospective survey of human trafficking survivors offers preliminary findings for a larger national study underway in 2023 that will enable healthcare providers, service providers and other first responders to identify and better meet the unique needs of victims and survivors of human trafficking in this area.