Vote Diana Mao for the Stay Classy Award for Young Nonprofit Leader of the Year

August 11, 2011No Comments

Dear Friends,

As a member of the Triple S Network, Global Centurion Foundation is encouraging its network of supporters to consider voting for another Triple S member the prestigious Stay Classy Award for Young Nonprofit Leader of the Year.

Diana Mao for the past four years has volunteered her time as the president and co-founder of Nomi Network, a nonprofit dedicated to providing survivors and women at-risk of sexual slavery in Cambodia with job training in order to ensure their financial independence. Nomi Network is a business venture that brings together the public, private, and independent sectors to help eradicate trafficking.  Survivors in Cambodia, India and other countries are invited to workshops and training sessions where they learn how to produce Nomi’s trademark products (purses, luggage, T-shirts and more) that are then marketed and sold in the United States.

Vote for Diana and increase Nomi’s chances at the $10,000 award prize by clicking here: